New Poll-Kids and Helmets

I put a new poll up for you all to consider.  I know we have discussed this before but I wanted to get an idea of what everybody thinks…Should kids be required to wear helmets in the Walk/Trot classes?  I am also going to pose this question to the Judges Panel.  Let me know what you think on the poll.

6 Responses to New Poll-Kids and Helmets

  1. Mocha Mom says:

    I voted yes, but I really hate to regulate the way that people raise their children. If my kids were in Walk-Trot, I would want them to wear a helmet, but I respect another parent’s right to make a different choice. Perhaps parents should have to sign a statement on the entry blank, acknowledging the risks of not wearing a helmet. But I would also like to see stronger encouragement for everyone to wear a helmet when riding.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    So…actually you vote “no” that they shouldn’t be required?(just yankin’ your chain, Mocha!)

    I think that the parent signature is good only for legal purposes plus it would be a real pain in the “you know where” for trainers to run down the parents to get the signature. I agree with you that I wish it was more common place, but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen until there is a rule for it, in my opinion. As I have mentioned before, though, I am a complete hypocrit since I have no intention of wearing one myself (I am like that with bike helmets, too..shame on me, I know!)

  3. Mocha Mom says:

    No, I actually vote yes because I feel that it is important to protect kids. But I don’t like it.

  4. ponyperson says:

    I think us kids should wear helmets all the time when riding. I don’t want to crack my head open!:-)

  5. Black Eye Beth says:

    Well said, Ponyperson!!!

  6. Mocha Mom says:

    Now there’s a smart PonyPerson who seems to understand that if everyone is wearing a helmet, there is no downside for anyone.

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