I’m Baaaaaack!

Hi all.  I am back from my big trek to Seattle.  What a great city!  I am definitely not a city person, but of the ones I have visited I like Seattle the best.  We stayed at a hotel right on Elliot Bay and walked all over the city.  It was really nice.  We also drove up to Mt. Rainier….very cool! (Although now my husband wants to climb it!)

We flew into Ohio on the Red Eye so right now I am nursing a nice case of Jet Lag. Give me a day and I will be back posting my regular info.  Thanks for holding down the fort for me.

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  1. morgan90 says:

    Very happy that you’re back. I didn’t realize how addicted I had become to this blog until there were no updates for a while – just wanted to let you know how much it’s enjoyed even though I don’t add any comments.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thanks, Morgan90…it is always nice to be missed!!

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