Signature Sale Update; Catalog Problem

I spoke with Jenny Taylor of Memory Lane Farm this afternoon and she asked that I write a post regarding the late mailing of the Signature Sale Catalog.  I had commented on the earlier post, “Attending the Signature Sale?”, that I had just received my catalog in the mail yesterday (Monday, April 7) and wondered if that had happened to anyone else.  Today, she told me that the catalogs were ready to be shipped in early March and that they had planned on them being sent out by “First Class” mail.  However, the publisher made the mistake of sending them out “Bulk Mail” and caused them to be delivered late.  

Needless to say, the Taylors were very frustrated with the late shipping and hoped that those who wanted a catalog were able to find the information they needed from the Morgan Connection website or from other Morgan enthusiasts.  To avoid this from happening in 2009, Jenny is compiling her own mailing list throughout this year.  If you are interested in receiving a 2009 Signature Sale catalog, please email her at the following address and she will be sure to send one to you when the catalog is complete:

Additionally, I will also be receiving information from Jenny about the sale, including some of the top sales and buyers.  There were many exciting, high priced sales that I, personally, hadn’t heard about so it will be interesting to get that information out to you.  Please check back in a day or two!

(Editor’s note: For a comment and Sale Stats from Jim and Jenny Taylor see “Signature Sale-Message From Jim and Jenny Taylor” – 4/9/08)

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