“Ask A Judge”: Western Tack Question Answered by “Judge 2”

Judge 2 answers this question. There is also other discussion on this subject in the original post, “Ask A Judge” Questions.


One thing I have always wondered is how important those expensive silver western saddle and bridles are in shows. Are they good for getting your horse noticed in a large class or are they used as tiebreakers for when 2 horses are equally matched?

Answer “Judge 2”:

In a western class the “turn out” of the horse can make a marked difference in the end result. If I have two horses that have comparable performances, but one is obviously more eye catching overall –the clothes the rider is wearing, the tack… then that horse will place higher. However, if you have a horse that is just ill mannered, and not doing its’ job in the class, the showy saddle is not going to help it!

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