Going to Texas for PBS Television Reality Show- Dreams vs. Fantasy vs. Reality

Last March 2005, I was watching a program on PBS when a notice appeared about ” Texas Ranch House Reenactment.” Like Santa, I flew from my seat and raced to the computer and looked up ” Texas Ranch House’” I filled out the application faster than you could say ” On Donner! On Blitzen! On Comet! On Cupid!”

My application to be on the Texas Ranch house PBS reality show whisked through cyber space and landed in the piles and piles and piles of applications. I had to wait until June to either hear from or not hear from PBS television.

I was soooo sure I was going. I had a plan. I was going to befriend two young cowboys and have them buy me two little steers. Those young guys were going to halter brake those steers and teach them to come when called. Then we would teach those steers to swim so we would have the lead steers for the cattle drive, which was to take place at the end of the program. By owning the swimming steers–those boys, steers and I could lead the cattle drive. Man -I was sooooooo prepared to go to Texas. I wanted to go sooooo badly.

I went to the library and read EVERY THING about Texas in 1868. I read books on southern cooking. I read books on trapping and cooking wild animals. I read the entire FOXFIRE series of books. I read and read and read. I am soooooooo ready to go to Texas.

I was ok on the ranching part because I have been running my ranch here for 20 years. (Strike one.) I can work cows from horse back or on foot. (Strike two) I can hook horses to a wagon and drive the wagon (strike three) I had the everyday ranch stuff down pat.

I was so sure I was going to Texas. I paid all household and ranch bills four months in advance. I rounded up a backup for my ranch and was ready to cancel my Dancing Morgan programs the instant that I heard from Texas.

And like a guy that you really want to call you- “Texas” never called. I was sooo disappointed. I was soooo prepared…. I had done a crash course in 1868.

Texas Ranch House went on without me. I went on without Texas. I hayed. My hired man quit. I ran the wheel line and hand lines and all the flood irrigation all summer all by myself. I had an Oregon Ranch house experience right here at home. I mowed and clipped the fields. I hired the hay to be put up- all 40 tons of it. I ran the Oregon Ranch House for the summer of 2005. I have the horses and I have the tame steer. I just missed the cattle drive.

I went camping with the horses and my friend Nancy and her stallion. We were at horse camp PUMPING water from a hand pump when I looked at Nancy and said. ” I am soooooo glad I am not in Texas. I would have been pumping water all summer. I am only on the third pump down and the third pump up…I am glad I didn’t go to Texas.”

Nancy laughed at me.

I replied, “But by sugar, I was ready to go to Texas. I would have known what to do.”

Nancy replied to me. “Knowing what to do is why you didn’t get to go. You were over qualified.”

“Oh! I never thought of being over qualified. I guess I have trouble with the concept of being over qualified. I want someone who knows what to do in a problem situation.”

We pumped the buckets of water full and that night when we cooked our dinner in the comfortable living quarters trailer and went to sleep in the comfortable living quarters trailer and made coffee in the morning on the comfortable living quarters trailer propane stove and took a hot shower in the comfortable living quarters trailer shower and used the comfortable living quarters potty and a part of me still wanted to go to Texas 1868.

I love an adventure.

I went on the road and danced with my Dancing Morgans as planned. Life went right on by without my going to Texas. I rediscovered a previously known truth. There is a distinct difference between a dream and a fantasy. Dreams can come true. Fantasies have a script that you write in your head and don’t come true.

Reality, of course, is the best of all dreams and of all fantasies. Some of dreams do come true and the great and small adventures that you never thought of comes right down your road of life.

I guess reality is the reason that I didn’t go to Texas. I dreamed, I fantasized, I dared and I didn’t go to Texas.  Still – had Texas called – I would have loved to go to Texas in the summer of 2005. I would have loved every minute of the adventure.

10 Responses to Going to Texas for PBS Television Reality Show- Dreams vs. Fantasy vs. Reality

  1. Linda says:

    How I know about those dreams and fantasies! I think the dreams and visions keep us going. Without them, we would be walking as a dead person! I think about old people as I near that age and wonder what keeps them going! It is the dreams; some that happened and some that didn’t.
    I never had a dream to go camping and enjoyed motels but when I did go, it was so much fun! Nothing to do but enjoy and ride! Maybe that is what I didn’t like about so many people’s camping ideas; the fact that they didn’t include horses. Horses must be included in life if that is our passion! Reality is that you are enjoying life and I enjoy too! We are blessed!!!

  2. Daniel Millard says:

    Hey I loved this story even more than the calf one. Mostly because I love all of the “dream” stuff. Im totally striving to live my dreams. I want them all to come true. I love you Carole and I love your wisdom and experience and the fact that you share it with others. You are a BLESSING! My dream for 2008 is to adopt and train my very own wild mustang. We will see if this happens come June in Pasco, WA. Peace….


  3. Yvonne says:

    Not all of us are blessed with a sense of adventure, fewer an ability to dream and fantasize, and fewer still the ability to put pen to paper (or nowadays fingers to keyboard) and tell on ourselves with grace and humor. Carole is blessed in abundance with all three. Keep those stories coming, Carole.

  4. Jeff Wilding says:

    Like you found out that summer, you don’t have to go far to have an adventure! I know of several you have had within a few hours ride or drive of your own place of solitude. Wild, grand scale, pre-planned adventures are for those who can’t find and enjoy the ones they have every day. thank you for clearing my vision so I can see those adventures each day in my own life. As you know, my family at times can be a big adventure for me. Keep writing about your adventures for the benefit and enjoyment for all!!

  5. Mocha Mom says:

    Carole, just so you know, even though I don’t know you personally, as so many who comment on your stories seem to, I truly enjoy your stories. Please keep them coming.

    I also enjoy Black Eye Beth’s personal stories too, even though I do know her and have heard some of them before. Reliving the memories just makes me chuckle.

  6. Rosemarie says:

    I’m one of those people that happen to know this wonderful women personally.
    She taught me how to drive, first single and now a pair.
    The wealth of information I have to say is amazing. Every time I talk to her I learn something.
    I’m thankful for that day many years ago that I drove down her drive to take a lesson. I not only feel I learned from the best, but now can say I have a great friend.
    She’s the real deal folks.
    And Nancy’s so right about Texas.
    Totally over qualified.

  7. I believe in spirit true horseman fantasize. Or is it just sitting a horseback that gives us mystagogia!
    So unique are Auntey Carole’s descriptions just makes us all ponder…whats best is the special intuition of thankfulness which is a spice that seems to prevails in her story tellin. As a horseman, I heartily slurp up the feeling and then she always leaves you thankful for what you got. Whats real. I would love to hear a melody from her travels with the horses in the Cargo plane to Europe!
    Just especially cause I have loaded them but never gone over with them. Cheers!

  8. Carole says:

    Yup! I have flown to Europe twice with horses. That those stories are in the works….What a trip…a little ol’ lady, six young pilots- three registerd Morgan horses and the sky was the limate.
    Yea…there is a story in there someplace to say nothing of driving coaches in Bavaria in the winter….more to come.

  9. Leah Young says:

    Hi Carole,Yep,its the dreams that keeps us all going!

  10. Sabine says:

    Wow, you are incredible!
    I can not wait to read more storries from you! I´m your fan from Europe – Austria!
    I wish you only the best, and let you heart open

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