What Would You Ask a Judge?

I was reading one of the Yahoo group posts and someone, who was researching for an article, wanted to know what sorts of questions exhibitors would like to ask judges if they could.  After reading this, I wondered if some of the viewers here also had questions that they would like answered.   I know I often have wondered things like whether riding a hunter with a single snaffle was considered better or worse than riding with a full bridle, or if having the flashy western saddle really matters.

I have had the opportunity to meet various people that do, indeed, judge Morgan shows.  If you have a question let me know either through a comment to this post, or by submitting your own post and I will try my hardest to find an answer (or two, depending on what each judge says).  I think this could be not only fun, but really informative as we move into the 2008 show season.  So let’s hear those burning questions…

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  1. Alicia says:

    I would want to talk primarily about the hunter and park divisions, and both for the same reason– I tend to see the most inconsistency in these two divisions from he rule book standard and what actually pins. Some judges judge right to the book, and others seem to go more for a stylized Morgan. I would be very interested to know why this happens, and what we can do to gain more consistency between shows. Note: Several of the World Champion hunters over the past two years have been successful English Pleasure horses the season before… a couple right off the top of my head would include Bell South, Merriehill Isa Boo, and HDP Noble Warrior. Meanwhile, horses such as Zimbabwe who were tough to beat a couple of years ago ( he is very dressage like with a ton of Morgan type, and IMO looked FABULOUS last year) don’t seem to be as successful against the higher headed bigger moving hunters. Why is that?

  2. Mocha Mom says:

    I want to know why, in the In-Hand division, we never see a Western or Hunter or Classic Pleasure, or even a Dressage horse pinned Grand Champion. I don’t consider “Because they don’t show” an adequate answer. Maybe I’m way off-base, but I suspect that they no longer show in-hand because they didn’t win. My follow-up question is, “What would it take to make the in-hand classes truly about type and conformation?”

  3. Leslie says:

    I like Alicia’s question. I understand that a Morgan in any division needs to be built like and move like a Morgan, but when is a hunter not a hunter? If you have a horse who is a great example of a Morgan but is really too saddle seat for a hunter class, and a beautiful hunter who could be competitive in an open hunter under saddle class, but doesn’t have the animation of most Morgans, which is the better Morgan hunter?

    The hunter classes are always overflowing with entries, but so many of them look like they could easily go classic or English. I saw a hunter at New England throw a shoe, and that thing had an enormous weight on it, way bigger than anything that would be legal for classic. And most of the hunters seem to go in double bridles. I don’t compete in that division, but from a spectator perspective, so many of those hunters just look like saddle seat horses with braids.

    So I guess my question would be what is or what should be the standard for judging a Morgan hunter compared with the standard for judging an open, all-breed hunter under saddle class?

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    Just an update…I am assembling my “Judge Panel” and have given the questions to them. I will post their answers when they get back to me. Keep those questions coming!

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