Funny Story for the Morning

This is a story on the MSNBC website this morning.

A man in Hawaii wanted to cheer up a relative in the hospital so he decided to ride the relative’s horse up to the hospital room via the elevator (and the horse obliged!-Carole, you could probably weigh in on this one!).

The man thought the patient would enjoy seeing his stallion, said Lani Yukimura, a spokeswoman at the hospital. He and the horse entered the hospital earlier this month and rode an elevator up to the third floor, where they were met and stopped by security personnel.

They then went to “Plan B”:

The man’s good intentions were further dashed when his relative was brought out to see the horse.

“That’s not my horse,” the patient said to hospital staff.

I could just picture this scene in my mind!

Happy Easter to those who observe it and Happy Spring to those who don’t!  -BEB

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  1. Carole says:

    I smuggled a dog in to see my dad when he was dieing in a hospital. I had a toy poddle that I put in a bag of stuffed toys and she sang a dod song for my dad….and the five nurses who quietly showed up and closed the door. This was 25 years agao and I didn’t believe in the rules then. My dad loved every minute of the dog visit.

    Another time I arranged to bring a guy’s dog to visit him at the hospital. Russ was in icu and really needed to see his dog. I was a bit more “wise” twenty years later. The icu nurses all wheeled Russ out to the drive way in his hospital bed hooked up to every life support system it took to keep Russ alive . Ginger , the springer spainul(sp) ever so carefully climbed up into the hospital bed with Russ and quietly snuggled with her beloved owner for at least a half an hour. No one, not the nurses, me or anyone else said anything for that half an hour. We all had tears running down our cheeks. Ginger climbed down ,Russ was wheeled back into the ICU and eventually came out of the hospital 65 days later. I personally believe that Ginger gave him the reason to get well. If I need to take a horse to the hospital…I now know to ALWAYS talk to the patient advicate …those people can do and will do wonders….as for taking a horse up in an elevator…piece of cake. Going down is a different story! Always take the right horse. Cheers,Carole

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Why is going down worse than going up?

  3. Carole says:

    They think that they are falling.

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    That makes sense!

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