Southwest Michigan-Lost our hay supply

Hi – our hay supplier lost their barn and all the remaining hay in a fire yesterday.  No one was hurt, and their horses are in another barn, but all the remaining hay is gone.  As they were our only supplier, we’re scrambling to find about 100 bales to tide us over until 1st cutting time.

We’re in southwest Michigan – near South Haven – and need about 100 square bales of grass or grass/alfalfa mix. 

If you have hay for sale, or know anyone who does, we’d gratly appreciate the information!


HarLyn Morgans

Grand Junction, MI

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  1. Jene Mooi says:

    Just wondering if you found any hay. We are outside of Cassopolis, MI and are in the same situation…not a fire, just running low, waiting for 1st cut. Please let us know if you have found any.
    Thank you,

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Jene, I do believe that Harlyn Morgans did find hay. I saw a post saying they did on the Yahoo groups awhile back but I am not sure which one. You might try posting on a couple of groups there also.

    Good Luck!

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