Poll Results

Here are the results from our first 2 polls:

 Poll 1:  Should professional trainers be allowed to head in the Classic driving division?  Out of 35 votes, 77% voted “Yes”  and 23% voted “No”

Poll 2″ Do you participate in Amateur Owned, Trained, and Shown classes? Out of 25 votes, 32% voted “Yes” and 68% voted “No”.

Poll 3 “Should the Morgan Junior Horse Division include 5 year olds, as allowed (and followed by some other breeds) under USEF rules?” Out of 40 votes, 62.5% voted “Yes” and 37.5% voted “No”.

Poll 4 “Do Morgan Auctions hurt Private Morgan sales?” Out of 29 votes, 69% voted “Yes” and 31% voted “No”.

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