NYSMHS Appoints New Chair of the NY Morgan Regional Show

Mary Ellen Mulligan of Trumansburg, NY has been appointed as the new chair of the 2008 NY Regional Morgan Horse Show. In its most recent meeting on March 1, 2008 the Board of Directors of the NYSMHS unanimously decided that it was necessary to relieve Stephanie Shearer of her duties as chairman of the NY Morgan Regional Show. Exercising his responsibilities with the support of the Board, new club President Jeff Evans of Valiant Farm then acted promptly to appoint Mary Ellen Mulligan as the new chairman of the NY Morgan Show Committee.

Mary Ellen is a long-time member of the NYSMHS and has served on the NY Morgan Regional Show Committee for the last several years. Hopefully she will capitalize on her experiences and make the 2008 NY Morgan Regional, the venue for the NY Breeders’ Futurity classes and NY Stallion Service Auction Sweepstakes classes, the best one yet. To date she has seen to it that the club’s Combined Prize List has been completed and sent to the printer. The NY Morgan Regional prize list can be downloaded now as a pdf from the NYSMHS website.

Stephanie Shearer is a former Western District Director of the NYSMHS, a position from which she resigned in December of 2007, citing her move to Michigan as the reason why she would not be able to fulfill her duties as Director. Since informing Steph of the Board’s decision, there have been calls of “Foul!!” from some Board members who chose NOT to attend the meeting. Unfortunately for them, but perhaps fortunately for the rest of us, the time for that is past. If Board members wish to have a say in the decisions made by the Board, it is incumbent upon them to attend the meetings, participate in the discussions, and attempt to influence other Board members in that way, as prescribed by the club’s Bylaws. It is interesting to note that the only Board member from the Western District of the club, present at the March 1 meeting, was club Vice-President Al Celecki. Complete minutes of the meeting are also on the club’s website.

2 Responses to NYSMHS Appoints New Chair of the NY Morgan Regional Show

  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    Sounds like there is some turmoil going on around there (?).

  2. Mocha Mom says:

    Oh, I don’t know. People just need to be reminded occasionally that we live in a civil society with rules that allow everyone’s opinion to be heard. In this case, it appears that the rules were followed to the T, but you can’t fail to show up and then complain about the outcome.

    This situation makes me think of the HBO special about John (and Abigail) Adams that’s showing this week. How brave,insightful, and forward thinking our founding fathers AND mothers were. (Abigail Adams was one intelligent and strong woman.) We should all aspire to be like they were.

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