New Poll – March 17-24, 2008

Check out our new poll question in the right hand column.  The question “Should the Morgan Junior Horse division include 5 year olds as allowed (and followed by some breeds) by USEF rules?” was submitted by a member.  Let us know what you think and put any additional comments on this post.

2 Responses to New Poll – March 17-24, 2008

  1. KarenL says:

    Thanks for putting my question up :)
    I’m curious as to the reason behind folks’ Yes or No votes.

    Mine is Yes… partially, what is the harm? Other than potentially one more class to the roster if shows wanted to divide the ages (such as NY Morgan offers, 3yo, 4yo EP, WP & HP). For many of us, particularly in the cooler/snowy climates, if one does not have an indoor arena, training slows to a painful crawl over the winter :) I’d love to have one more year as an option to show in a snaffle/bosal in WP, or feel like my baby HP horse might be forgiven a few steps of trot getting into the canter, etc. I’m curious as to what folks think a down side would be?

  2. Mocha Mom says:

    Hi KarenL. Now I think I know who you are, although I could be wrong.

    I see your point, although it had never occurred to me before. I don’t see a downside, other than where do you draw the line? An older, more experienced horse is just that. The playing field will never be perfectly flat. If we have 2,3,4,and 5 year old performance classes, will we then need 6 year old classes because the 7 year olds are more experienced than the 6 year olds? Maybe where I’m really going with this is…. I don’t think that it’s possible to create a level playing field in a sport that is judged subjectively. Someday your and my horses will be the older, more experienced ones after a few (or maybe several) years of baby mistakes. With any luck, good things will come to those who wait. I’m still waiting (and gaining experience) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I was a kid my father told me that every time I fell off it made me a better rider. Now I believe that every time I go through the ingate makes me more competetive.

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