The Rules of the Notorious Warm-Up Ring

My first year in the Morgan Show world  was one of many learning opportunities.  For most of the shows I was dubbed “Bucket Girl” since I wasn’t ready to show yet (as many of you have probably figured out from my Black Eye Beth blog…something I do need to get back to).  I spent a lot of time standing in total FEAR in the middle of the warm up ring trying to figure out where I should be to not get ran over ( and God, help me if someone handed me a whip with a bag tied to the end!). 

During those times I decided that practicing your riding/driving in between sessions or warming up for the actual class was WAY scarier that being in the actual class itself.   I found this out for myself when I actually started driving and, eventually, riding.  Through trial and error (embarrassing errors, I might add) and the calm, cool collection of my trainers, I have muddled through various warm up ring situations.  Luckily for me, many people have been extremely understanding.

 Here is my question…What are the unwritten rules (or maybe written; I don’t know) of riding in a warm up ring?  Who has the right of way and in what situations and does a professional rider/driver have more clout?  Since show season has officially began, I thought this might be a good topic of discussion.

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  1. amie9191 says:

    I was always taught that you pass people left shoulder to left shoulder (counter clockwise horse gets the rail).

    I’ve learned that you NEVER use a bag whip when other people are in the ring ….most people are really good about this but I’ve ran my horse out of the ring many times to get away from the “noise makers”.

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