Trail Riding and Governement Properties

I have heard through the “internet grapevine” that there is a bill before the Senate that will preserve the right to ride horses on government owned properties. If you are interested in this issue go to to find out more.

I personally didn’t know that this was a huge issue. Are lands being restricted due to liability concerns or damage to National Park properties? Just wondered if anybody knows.

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  1. Big Agnes says:

    I don’t know about federal government property, but let me tell you about my experiences with horses in park land.

    We have a local park that has a bridle trail. This trail is well maintained, and has a limestone base. Unfortunately, frequently people take their horses off these well maintained trails, following foot paths or game trails. This creates a significant problem with erosion and mud. Both people and horses then try to avoid the muddy areas, widening the trails even further.

    It is imperative that everyone respect our public lands. Persons riding horses on public lands should respect the principles of Leave No Trace.

    It should be noted that similar issues have been raised about the use of snowmobiles and ATV’s on public lands. If people would just behave responsibility, we could all share the trail.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    I suppose it takes one “Bad Apple”…

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