Ultra Morgans and the Equine Affaire

The Equine Affaire, “The Nation’s Premier Equine Exposition & Equestrian Gathering”, will be held in Columbus, Ohio on April 10-13, 2008. As described on the Equine Affair website:

The 15th annual Equine Affaire in the Midwest will be held at the Ohio Expo Center and will have something to offer to horse enthusiasts of all ages, all breed persuasions, all levels of expertise, and all equine disciplines.

Many activities are schedule for this fun filled event such as training clinics on a variety of equestrian disciplines and training techniques; hands-on demonstrations and seminars on the topics of management, health care and training tips; an educational Young Rider Youth Pavilion; and a Trade Show with numerous vendors.

Also included is the Cashman Breed Pavilion, a favorite of many Equine Affaire attendees. Horse associations will have exhibition booths and stalls where visitors can experience hand-on activities and learn about various horse breeds. Representing the Morgan breed this year will be Steve and Annette Smith of Ultra Morgans in Delta, OH. When I asked Annette why they had decided to attend the Equine Affaire she said:

We are interested in doing a promotional, “large scale” activity each year. The last two years we have had an Open House at our farm, but thought that the Equine Affaire would be an excellent opportunity to reach out to “non-Morgan” horse enthusiasts. We have one of the largest Morgan Horse Farms in the country. While our horses have the athleticism and talent to be a trainer’s dream, they are also people oriented with personalities allowing them to thrive with the “first time” horse owner. What a wonderful horse to introduce to the public. We have close to 100 horses on our farm (all Morgans) and we have a tremendous interest in the success of the breed. So, who better to put their heart into this project!

Be sure to visit and support Steve and Annette at the Cashman Breed Pavilion if you attend the Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH this year. For more information visit the Equine Affaire website.

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