My “Shout It Out!” For This Morning-”Spring” Forward

NOBODY ever, ever “springs” forward (if you say you do, then you LIE!!).  Who likes losing an hour of your life every Spring?  Before I went to bed last night I changed my clocks like a good little girl.  When I woke up this morning in my usual haze, I looked at the clock and thought that I had really over slept.  In an uncoordinated rush I hurried to get my Carhart overalls and big snow boots on because I thought my poor dogs were probably dying to get out to do their “business” and the horses were probably gnawing down their stall walls.  Then I remembered “Oh, the time change.”  At that moment I wasn’t feeling very “springy” in my “Spring Forward” (I came up with many more descriptive words than “springy”). 

I grew up in Indiana and at that time we didn’t do this, what I consider STUPID, time change.  The only thing that changed was the time my favorite TV shows came on (Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley…am I dating myself??) In fact, Indiana just changed to daylight savings last year (I now get to laugh at my family as they try to adjust).  

I found out about this time change event when I went to college at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio (city where Gold Cup in now held).  My first fall semester I remember everybody talking one Saturday about how we got to “fall back”.  I was very confused since I had NO idea what they were talking about; I honestly didn’t have clue about daylight savings.  When it was explained to me I thought ”Wow, this is great.  One more hour of staying out at the frat parties.”   That was all well and good until Spring rolled around and everybody had to explain to me that we now had to “spring forward”.  Very traumatic, indeed! 

I know it is all about having longer days more time for business transactions, etc., but even though I get that hour back in the Fall I absolutely HATE this time change.  It is probably worse now that I am getting older.  It just seems cruel to me.  At least I have you all to complain to now…my husband won’t have to listen to my whining…well, maybe just not as much of it.

4 Responses to My “Shout It Out!” For This Morning-”Spring” Forward

  1. Carole says:

    Being in my sixties I look forward to any time I can spring forward…..

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Well, that is a good way to look at it…maybe I need to readjust my thinking!! Thanks, Miss Carole :0)

  3. kad says:

    Since this is a family friendly sight I won’t tell you how I really feel about “springing forward” today. Normally I just grumble a bit and get over it. BUT it wasn’t until about 1:00am as I sat and watched TV that I remembered that we had to change the clocks. Instantly it was 2:00am and I had to get up in just a few hours to tread (not spring) through waist hi snow drifts to feed the horses! So SPRING THIS!

  4. amie9191 says:

    I love gaining an hour of daylight! Normally after work I rush to have enough time to get my horses worked and fed but now I have an extra hour of light to work my horse (I’m sure he’s thrilled).

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