My “Shout it Out!” for Today-It’s just an Urban Legend

We have all heard about spectacular horses that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  How does this happen?  Who are these people and how do they have that much money to spend on an animal that could roll over and die the next day?  My husband has a theory…He says that it is all an URBAN LEGEND!!!  You know, those stories that travel all over the country and everybody thinks are true but have no proof (Lately it has been the kid that took the baby penguin home from the zoo in his backpack – I have heard that one in both Ohio and Indiana; or if you are from my generation, there were ones about Rod Stewart having his stomach pumped and Phil Collins seeing a guy get pushed over the side of a boat).

 My man swears that it is all a farce to get people to pay higher prices or, possibly, a sort of “telephone thing” where the price gets higher and higher with each telling.  I don’t believe that completely but I think there is more wheeling and dealing than the actual exchange of money in some cases.   Any thoughts?

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  1. Mocha Mom says:

    Here’s how you find out the answers to life’s perplexing questions. Someone needs to be brave enough to ask someone from Play-Mor Farm to “Play” with Above Level and tell us.

  2. Leslie says:

    I have a friend who works with Arabs, and just saw horses sell at the Scottsdale auction for a few MILLION dollars.

    I went to the Maine Event/Cabot Morgans auction a couple years ago and they had a couple of horses sell for over $100,000.

  3. spiritofplay says:

    We have a copy of a check we received for $125,000 for a two year old horse that had never been in the show ring! Yes, people do pay tremendous amounts for the bragging rights. It is the same as people that spend a million dollars for a car, for a piece of art, or a bottle of wine! There are alot of people with alot of money—and when they want something, they get it!

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    I will be sure to make my hubbie take a look at these…or maybe not since if he thinks it is an Urban Legend then he won’t be disappointed when none of mine ever sell for that much money!

  5. Big Agnes says:

    You forgot about the Richard Gere urban legend.

  6. KarenL says:

    While I certainly believe that there are plenty of horses that sell for big bucks (mine not included!) sometimes you can read between the lines at sales & it looks like folks simply exchanged horses but with large pricetags on them.

  7. kad says:

    For my sake I hope it is an Urban Legend. If not I’m going to have to work WAY to hard to get a new horse. I’m not sure I’m up for that!

  8. ChillyOne says:

    High prices aren’t an urban legend…however the inverse is also true. There have been some excellent horses of all ages (Regional, National and World Ch’s included) that have sold for next to nothing (both before and after their respective wins). You can get great deals on young, world quality horses – you just have to be willing to put in the time and take the risk with a youngster. You can also get a great deal on an older horse that needs to step down from winning OKC to winning Regionals.

    Point is, you don’t HAVE to spend a fortune to get a big time show horse – and if you do spend a fortune it’s no guarantee.

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