What is This Website About?:

This website is a blog, which is short for weblog. Essentially, it consists of a list of articles, or posts, with comments. This site is different from a lot of other blogs, though. Many blogs restrict their authors to either an individual or a small group. On this site, we invite anyone who is interested in Morgan horses and Morgan horse shows to contribute. On the far right of the window, you’ll see a link for registration. Click on this link, and you’ll be taken to a page that requires only a username and email address to register. We’ll send you a password, and you can start posting! We promise we won’t sell your email to spammers, and we’ll only email you if absolutely necessary. Additionally, your email address is only visible at any time to you and the administrator of the blog.

We hope that you’ll consider participating in our online community, by Morgan horse enthusiasts, for Morgan horse enthusiasts!

4 Responses to What is This Website About?:

  1. Mocha Mom says:

    Very cool site. Here’s hoping lots of people will chime in with thoughts and opinions on what they see here.

  2. Mocha Mom says:

    This is an FYI for all of you who have considered participating but are just a little intimidated. It is a list of the things I have learned while using this site. I am completely new to blogging so there has been some trial and error. Black Eye Beth has been very helpful by email, blackeyebeth@gmail.com.
    She’s a mom, so she has the patience of Job.

    1. If you have gotten this far, you have already figured out that to see the comments about something that is posted (think of Posts as magazine articles) you have to click on the word “Comments” under the title of the Post.

    2. The link to register to use the site is very small. It is located on the right-hand side of the homepage, just above the Blogroll. When you slide your mouse arrow over it, the arrow turns into a white hand pointing to the link. My computer monitor is square instead of rectangular, so I have to scroll across the page to see all of the far right-hand column.

    3. You don’t have to register to read or Comment on this site, but you do have to register if you want to Post.

    4. When you are ready to Comment, click on the Comments link under the post’s title. You will come to a page that shows your email address. YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NOT APPEAR ON THE SITE WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR COMMENT.

    5. Once you have registered and received your password, you can easily change your password to something that may be easier for you to remember. You will find instructions for changing your password in the Frequently asked Questions. (FAQ)

    6. Everything ever Posted on the site is always here, as are the Comments, but they are not always easy to find. The most recent Posts are on the homepage below the Feature. Black Eye Beth is the only one who uses the Feature category. (You should visit the site frequently so that you don’t miss anything.) Older Posts can be found in their Category in the middle column. Think of Categories as chapters in a book. That is where you go if you have a particular interest to see everything that has ever been posted on that subject.

    7. Below the list of Categories and pictures you will see a list of Recent Posts. This only lists the 5 most recent Posts, so if you haven’t visited the site in a couple of days, you won’t necessarily know what has been posted since your previous visit. Click on one to open and read it.

    8. Below the Recent Posts you will see a list of Recent Comments and who made them. Again, these are only the 5 most recent Comments. When you click on one, you will go to the original Post and all of its Comments.

    9. The easiest way to Post is to click on Quick Post under the Above Level banner and start typing. Below the area where you type your Post, you will have to take a small math test, “What is 3+2?” If you pass the test you will be allowed to submit your post. (The answer to the math test is 5 and the question never changes.)

    10. You can include photos in a Quick Post. Instructions can be found in the FAQ.

    11. Once you have submitted a Quick Post you can still make changes to it by clicking on the link to “Edit” under the title. No one else but Black Eye Beth can edit your post.

    12. Once you are in the Edit mode, a whole new world of blogging is available to you. Now you can post video, use the spell check function, underline, strikethrough, make bold and italics, insert a link, and lots more that I haven’t tried yet. Don’t be afraid to try things. Hopefully, we are all friends and will learn from each other.

  3. Mocha Mom says:

    13. I have just discovered that once you submit a Comment, you can’t edit it. The best you can do is click on Reply and post another Comment.

    14. Enough for now. Time to go feed the ponies.

  4. Mocha Mom says:

    15. To save yourself a little frustration, it may be a good idea to create your Comment or Post in a word processing program such as Word, use the spell-checker function, and then copy and paste into Above Level. This way you won’t lose your work if there is a problem connecting.

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