Winter Horse Care and Health

I was surfing the net recently looking for 2008 show dates and came across a very informative, yet readable, article about winter horse care on the Michigan Justin Morgan Horse Association’s website under Vet Articles.  The article was written by R.D. Scoggins, DVM in 1999, but its truths are timeless.  I was especially struck by the emphasis on the importance of ventilation.  I think that we often times think that our horses require the same creature comforts that we do, when in fact, their needs are much different from ours.  Although, quite frankly, many of us could probably do with more fresh air and exercise too.  The article also reminds us not to over feed our horses, stating that “most horses will not require grain if the hay is of good quality,” noting that “hay generates more heat than grain does during digestion and thus is more helpful in maintaining body heat during cold weather.”

What I didn’t find on this site was the dates of the 2008 Michigan Showtime Show.  Reminder to show committees: The internet is a good way to get potential exhibitors thinking about your show.  Please keep your websites current.

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