Golden Reins Recipients Brad and Ann Scussell

Congratulations to Brad and Ann Scussell of of Pittstown, NJ who were honored at the AMHA Convention last week. They received the Golden Reins Award, a very prestigious award from AMHA. Instituted in 1995, the Golden Reins Award recognizes professionals who have been involved with the Morgan breed for at least 30 years. Active or retired trainers and instructors who have made a lasting impact on the breed on a daily basis through their dedication to working with horses and riders are eligible for nomination. Brad and Ann were nominated by the first Golden Reins recipient, Barbara Irvine, with the following letter, which I think says it all.

“I would like to nominate Ann and Brad Scussell of the Scussell Farm in Pittstown, New Jersey for The Golden Reins Award, an award established in 1995 to recognize professional contributions to the Morgan breed.

Both Ann and Brad Scussell have devoted their entire lives to the Morgan Horse. Brad grew up in a family that bred and showed Morgans. He spent his junior years with his family’s horses, in the show ring and in apprenticeship with Morgan trainers Jim Borden and Mike Goebig. Ann’s junior years were distinguished by her achievements in the equitation ring. Ann won the first AMHA Saddle Seat Gold Medal in 1973 and the Hunter Seat Gold Medal on the Flat the following year. Most unique, however, was her record breaking placement in the National Saddle Seat Good Hands Finals on a Morgan horse. This had never been done before.

Ann and Brad met, married and began the professional partnership in the Morgan industry that continues today. The Scussell’ s professional partnership has trained and shown Morgan horses successfully for more than thirty years. It is a partnership that introduces new people to our breed through a youth group program and a camp for youngsters at their farm. It is a partnership that runs a lesson program in which the correct basics of all seats are taught in a proficient and knowledgeable format. Riders are mounted on the Scussell’s attractive, healthy, safe and sound lesson horses. Driving instruction is also conducted at a similar level of expertise and professionalism. It is a partnership that has guided clients and horses to show ring success in many disciplines.

Brad takes care of everything at the farm, including the haying and extensive renovations. Ann finds time to serve in various positions for the New Jersey Morgan Horse Association as well as on their local Chamber of Commerce. The Scussells participate in local Morgan promotion events.

It is a great honor for me, winner of the very first Golden Reins, to be able to nominate my student, Ann Hutcheson Scussell, and her husband Brad Scussell, for the Golden Reins award this year. Family devotion and involvement with Morgan horses, a successful professional career with Morgan horses and an unwavering dedication and commitment to the Morgan breed; these qualities make Ann and Brad Scussell deserving candidates for The Golden Reins Award.”

Thank you to Barbara Irvine for allowing me to publish her letter.

3 Responses to Golden Reins Recipients Brad and Ann Scussell

  1. Mocha Mom says:

    If anyone knows of any other AMHA award winners, please share them with us. I would like all the winners to have their “15 minutes” here. My problem is that Brad and Ann are the only ones I know about.

  2. evamorgan says:

    Brad and I were very proud to receive this award.
    I want to thank Barbara Irvine for writing such a lovely letter.
    We were unable to attend the convention but our good friend Cindy Mugnier graciously agreed to accept the award for us.
    Can’t quite believe we have been at it so long, like the song says “Don’t Blink”!
    Thank you Mocha Mom for posting.

  3. Mocha Mom says:

    Cindy Mugnier is someone that I would like to see get involved on this site; especially to respond to some of the questions posted in the discussion about the In-Hand division. Tell her she can pretend to be Harry or Bernard and no one will know who she is. :-)

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