Are you there?

I really look forward to visiting this site and seeing what’s new. I’m sure that lots of other people do too and it’s starting to feel like a community. I hope that more people will start to participate and not just read. Remember, you can be ANONYMOUS on this site if you want to be. When I first started and saw my email address shown right above where I make a comment in response to a post, I thought that my email address would be shown to everyone and generate lots of spam, BUT IT’S NOT! If you register with a pen name, no one ever needs to know who you are – except for Black Eye Beth, and she likes everyone, unless you threaten her kids. Besides, all she really knows is your email address and if it doesn’t include clues to who you are, she won’t know either.

If you need help getting started (which I did at first) you can either “Comment” on this post or email BIB (Black “I” Beth) at

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  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thanks for the post, Mocha. I would love to see more participation on the site. I really enjoy hearing what others have to say and I know there are alot of good ideas and discussion topics out there that I don’t think of. And you are very correct…NOBODY but me sees anybody’s email address and I do not give username information out to anybody. You can remain as anonymous as you want here. Please email me if you have any questions. (and thanks for the nice person part…and the kids part is true, too)

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