My “Shout It Out!” for Tonight – The Morgan Horse Industry and Immigration

With the 2008 Presidential elections coming this Fall, the topic of how to deal with immigration in the US has been hot topic.  The other night I caught a line from a TV commentator saying that if it wasn’t for the immigrants in this country, the horse show industry would not survive.  Although this comment was referring to the Show Jumping circuit and the associated training stables, it makes me wonder how this debate affects Morgan shows and training facilities.  Although there are some immigrant workers (both legal and illegal) in my part of the country, I don’t believe they make up a large part of the stable and farm work force.  I do, however, see many more foreign workers at some of the larger shows.  So I ask this question:  If the US government was able to effectively close its borders, would there be enough affordable labor available to keep large farms and training stables viable? 

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