BRRRRR!!! It’s Cold Out

Just wondering if anybody out there is cracking ice out of water buckets this AM?  YUCK!  With the windchill at -15* here in Ohio, I have two kids home from school and a laundry room full of barn cats.  Any of you Northern folks have any cold weather tips?

4 Responses to BRRRRR!!! It’s Cold Out

  1. kad says:

    After spending an hour & a half just breaking the ice out of buckets I’m thinking the only cold weather tip I can offer right now is fly south for the winter.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Heated buckets, kad…oh, I’m sorry, you can’t (hahaha) (do I feel a no stirrup lesson coming on????… Can I change that statement?…)

  3. kad says:

    AHHH, Heated buckets – who’d a thunk it.
    I’ve heard somewhere that you should always be careful of what you post on the net. It could get you in serious trouble.
    I would never dream of something as simple as a no stirrup lesson! Who says you need a girth to keep your saddle in place???

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    Now, that would make EVERYBODY laugh!!!!

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