Hello from a very snowy North Idaho!  Just found this blog info when came in from the barn from a trimming session with our farrier.  Relieved that the temperatures have moderated a little and the snow is beginning to compact.

Our farm is Jazztime Morgan Farm and have been involved with Morgans ‘forever’…my life began with a part Morgan mare and have had registered Morgans since the mid-60′s.  Our stallion is Shiloh Bold Command (Flight Commander x Shawalla China Doll) now a spry 29 yrs of age.  Have been involved in the Pacific Northwest show circuits for 30+ years.   If you’d like to learn more about us & our Morgans our website:

Will be very interested to see how this blog develops.

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  1. Black Eye Beth says:

    Good to hear from you. Sounds very cold out your way!

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    This is probably a dumb question but how cold does it get in Northern Idaho? I was thinking last night that working horses in extreme cold weather must be difficult. Do you have a heated indoor arena or do you and the horses just get used to the temps? We usually have temps in the 20′s here and if it goes down to the teens and single digits working horses gets suspended without a heated barn.

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