AboveLevel.com goes to the Penn Ohio Winter Holiday

I am sitting at the second annual Tack Swap sponsored by the Penn Ohio Morgan Horse Association. Having never been to this function before I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although I am very impressed with the number of sellers, I am even more so by the number of buyers walking through. As I look around I see new and used Western saddles, english saddles, halters, blankets, show clothes for all disciplines and craft items. It is an interesting mix and many items are walking out the door with their new owners. From what I am told this second year is much larger than last year so next year I think they will need a bigger facility!

Right now the auction items are being put up for sale with Mike Flowers as auctioneer. The first thing up is leg wraps (brand new in package) and they just went for $8…pretty good deal. Now it is a big jug of horse treats…they just went for $6. (So far some good deals). Wheeled carry on-type tapestry bag, horse motif (Very cute)…Mike Flowers is working the crowd…He got $20 for it. Miniature Horse toy set just went for for $25 (little high I think but all the kids wanted it). 3 Nylon halters went for $15. Horse motif pillow (Mike says it is very comfortable!) is going for $12. Boy, Mike is quite the auctioneer!I have to say this had been fun and I have met a lot of Morgan folks. More later!

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