Speaking of the Economy…

Did you know that the Grand National and World Championships pump $11 million into the Oklahoma City economy? That’s a lot of late night dinners at the Waffle House (and fire-retardant cheese cloth). Here’s a link to a 2004 article that discusses the impact that the Grand National and World Championships have on the local economy.

The Morgan Show has been held in Oklahoma City for 20 of its 31 years. Expenditures by show attendees generate an estimated $11 million for the local economy, according to the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. The show is scheduled to go out to bid in 2007 and Oklahoma City is working to keep the show here.

The show has been extended in Oklahoma through 2012.

The bureau said the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show has extended its contract with Oklahoma City through 2012. This month more than 1,200 horses were brought to town with 5,000 owners, trainers and grooms. The event attracted participants from 46 states, Canada, Great Britain and Austria.

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