Horse Shows and the Economy

As I have watched the news over the last couple weeks I have seen all the grim reports of higher gas prices, the stock market going up and down, and the big “R” word (recession).   Getting this information makes me wonder how the changes in the U.S. economy will affect not only attendance at the Morgan horse shows this year, but the industry as a whole.  Since horse showing is more of a “hobby sport” (at least it is for me), will more people opt for decreasing, not only their herd size but also the number of horses they take to shows?  I thought the rising gas prices would keep more people and horses away from the shows in 2007 but, as many know, that wasn’t true overall.  I believe attendance at many shows was up.  Maybe the horse industry isn’t affected by the economy as much as other industries?  It will be interesting to see what this summer holds. 

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