Training for Saddleseat

I am fairly new to training, and am curious as to the proper way to use stretchies. Is there someone out there that has an idea?

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  1. mydoglovesme says:

    Stretchies can be a valuable training tool when used properly. They work on the same principle as a resistance band that we humans use for over all muscle tone and development. The length and resistence level varies from one individual to the next depending on the size of your horse,the length of leg, the amount of conditioning and strength, and the length of his stride. To find the right size for your own horse I would recommend starting with a pair about 12″ long, as that’s a fairly “normal” length. If you put them on and his stride appears too strained or too short and choppy, then you know they are too short at that length and add and inch or two.Too short will be too much of a strain on a beginner and may cause muscle soreness. If they are too long, they will not affect his stride at all, and he may even be in danger of stepping up through them with a back foot if they are way too long for him and tripping himself. The old trial and error method works best. A trip or two at most around your ring or bullpen will tell you if you are close to the right size for your horse.

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