Old Morgan/New Morgan

There seems to be a trend in Morgan horse breeding. Many of the show horses that I have seen, and that many people seem to prefer, differ in confirmation than the Morgans of yesteryear. Originally, when I thought of a Morgan horse, I envisioned a shorter, stocky built horse; handsome yet solidly built to withstand the pressures of any type of work. Athletic with lots of stamina, it looked like it could go forever. I still see many of those horses today in the show ring, but more often than not I see a different style of Morgan horse. This type is a taller, finer built animal that is extremely athletic. These horses are beautiful to watch, often times breathtaking, but they don’t look as though they have the “toughness” of their predecessors.

I have heard discussion about this aspect of the Morgan breed. Some feel there needs to be a trend back to the original style, but others like the animation and stunning beauty of the Morgan horses of today. I don’t think this is specific to the Morgan horse breed. I have noticed the changes in trends with Quarter horses too. Many of today’s Quarter horses do not look like the original members of that breed.

There isn’t a wrong or right side to this discussion since it is simply a matter of taste. However, I do find it to be an interesting point to ponder regarding the future of the Morgan horse breed.  I just wondered what others thought.

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  1. Ruby Epona says:

    I do like both types of Morgans, but I will probably always go for the older type. I don’t know why, but there is something about that type that, for me, screams versatility. My morgan mare is the older type of Morgan and she can do everything!!

  2. empressive says:

    Hmm, I have both types at home. Both are extraordinarily athletic and have proved it both on the trail and show ring. I think some of the “show” horses are just not given the chance to compete or go outside of the show ring… therefore we do not get the chance to see.

    I think it’s funny that some people think that show horses are not tough, have enough grit, etc. But when you lay it all out show horses need to not only have a good mind to be able to compete under the stress, but also physical strength. The endurance to keep competeing and not get bored, to be “game” all the time.

    Same with a trail horse or any other horse for that matter. Still like an old cowboy told me. “A Morgan is a Morgan, they prove themselves in the things they do.”

    California baby!

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