Maine Morgan Horse Show’s New Location

The Maine Morgan Horse Show (July 4-6, 2008) has moved to Deerfield Fairgrounds in Deerfield, NH. Bernard Parker will judge the Breeder’s Cup, In Hand, Leadline, Walk Trot, Park Saddle, Park Harness, Natural Park, Equitation, English Pleasure, Road Hack, Classic Pleasure Driving, and Pleasure Driving. John Bennett will judge the Breeder’s Cup, In Hand, Equitation, Classic Pleasure Saddle, Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Carriage, and Trail. The judge for Dressage Divisions, Justin Morgan, Sport Horse Cup, and Sport Horse In Hand is to be announced. In addition to the regular show schedule, Breeder and Sport Horse Cup Classes and a new carriage division will be featured.

15 Responses to Maine Morgan Horse Show’s New Location

  1. MochaMon says:

    I hope that they will still have the lobster bake for the exhibitors’ party. Not that Black Eye Beth would care…”Nothing from the sea!”

  2. MochaMon says:

    I’m still having some problems that I’m trying to sort out…It comes with age.

  3. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thought it was odd that the Maine show was in NH. Having never gone I figure it must be a nicer venue. And yes…NOTHING from the sea!

  4. MochaMon says:

    I’m guessing that it will be indoors in NH. I think it’s kinda sad that so many shows are moving indoors. I love showing outdoors in the summer. It’s one of the things I love about the Penn-Ohio show – showing outdoors, under the lights at night.

  5. MochaMon says:

    However, I don’t like the show secretary Penn-Ohio has had for the last 3 years. I’m hoping they get a new one this year.

  6. MochaMon says:

    So what’s the reason for the word verification? Is it so Google can trace me?

  7. Black Eye Beth says:

    The verification word has something to do with spam, I think. I will ask the technical director.

  8. Black Eye Beth says:

    I like the outdoors too but inevitably it rains…especially at Penn-Ohio; usually on the afternoon of the last day.

  9. Mocha Mom says:

    Hey. Who’s this Mocha Mon? I wonder if it could be my husband, or maybe my trainer (yeah right!) Maybe it’s Denzel Washington.

  10. missolana says:

    would someone on the Maine show committee explain why they moved from a covered arena to an outdoor facilty that gets swamped when it rains and no cover???

  11. Black Eye Beth says:

    I haven’t ever been there so I assumed that it went from outdoor to indoor. Is the new venue better other than the outdoor arena aspect?

  12. Black Eye Beth says:

    As for Mocha Mon…I was hoping for Tye Diggs!

  13. silverlake says:

    I am responding the the Maine Morgan Horse Show moving to NH. The reason for the move was due to the availability (or lack of availability) of the July 4th weekend. Since we could not get the July 4th weekend and we would have to take the following weekend, as a board we felt the show would be in jeopardy of success with the New England Morgan Horse Show allowing entries on the fairgrounds two days after the July 11th weekend. Therefore, we made a hard decision and decided we would be more successful at Deerfield on the July 4th weekend rather than the following weekend at Skowhegan.

    As well, we would have had to replace 80-90% of our existing officials if we stayed with the July 11th weekend.

    I hope this helps.

  14. Mocha Mom says:

    You must be younger than I am.

  15. Mocha Mom says:

    I guess I goofed. I was responding to Black Eye Beth’s comment about Tye Diggs, when I said she must be younger than I am, because I doubt that age has anything to do with the Maine Show’s move.

    Thank you for the explanation of the move. I have been on a show committee and know that there are lots of tough decisions like that to be made. I finally decided that the shows we put on merely provide potential exhibitors with an opportunity to show their horses and without vast market research tools it’s impossible to know why people decide to come, or not to come. Mostly I think it’s just “chemistry”. Something that’s impossible to predict or control. The New England Regional is the perfect example.

    So, will you still have the lobster bake?

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