Top 10 Lessons From Shows

These are some things I have learned from shows:

10) Never ask your trainer “So what shows will I be going to next year” the day after the Grand Nationals ends.

9) Standing in the middle of the warm up ring when the 2 yr. old pleasure driving class is entering is often incompatible with life (as is #10).

8) If your trainer says, “It will be FUN…you’ll see”…run…fast!

7) Due to the risk of having an electric sander flung at your head, never comment, prior to early morning in-hand classes, that the hooves of your flashy white socked weanling are not very white.

6) When someone tells you that the formal tack room “just snaps together” and “you’ll have no problem figuring it out”, don’t believe them.

5) You can learn a lot about a person when riding with them all the way to Grand Nationals; sometimes WAY too much.

4) Very few people can pull off hot pink anything…let alone show clothes.

3) Fine harness buggies really can splinter into a million pieces when knocked off the top of a trailer going under a bridge that is too low.

2) It might be in one’s best interest to teach one’s horse to swim before going to New England.

1) The person who invented hunt breeches was extemely sadistic or had one warped sense of humor.

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