The Above Level Mission

I love going to Morgan Horse shows. I just like being there to take in all the sights and sounds.  Ever since my first trip to Southern States I have been hooked.  There is so much activity, information and discussion occurring at any given show that I thought it would be useful to provide a forum for continuing the conversation online.  Above Level was created for just this purpose.

This blog is different, though, than the many that restrict their authors to either an individual or a small group. On this site, we invite anyone who is interested in Morgan horses and Morgan horse shows to contribute. We all have different experiences when we attend shows.  Whether those experiences are funny, sad, happy or just plain frustrating I am sure the Morgan community would love to hear about them and, in turn, share their own stories or ideas. Please feel free to register and either comment on an existing post or create a new post about an undiscussed subject.

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